Transforming lawns from simple to exceptional.

Fresh 365 Lawn Care provides a full complement of lawn care and landscaping services and is dedicated to bringing value to your lawn.

Customer First. Quality Always.

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Great service, great communication, and trust them with my dog. My yard looks amazing and it frees me up for more time with my grandsons:) They take their time and do things the right way, with lots of personalization. Thanks Hector and Fresh 365!​
L. M.

Our Services

Our team is dedicated to creating and maintaining a space you will enjoy. We provide a full complement of lawn care, maintenance, and landscaping services. Learn more about the most relevant services for the season and view our full list of services.

Tree Care

Trees need love too! We'll perfect your trees, shrubs, and bushes with trimming and pruning. Proper maintain is crucial for your trees!

Technician spraying the lawn for weeds


With warmer weather approaching weeds have the perfect conditions to sprout. It's time for the right treatments.


As the warm weather begins it's time to enjoy the outdoors. Let's created your landscaping vision for everyone to enjoy!

The Benefits

Enjoy the Fresh 365 benefits – the trusted choice for lawn care, maintenance, and landscaping because of our meticulous attention to detail, exceptional customer service, and our team dedicated to creating an outdoor space you’ll enjoy.

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Stress Free

A stress free experience begins with honesty, responsiveness, and professionalism.

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With trusted experts working on your lawn gain back your time and invest it where you want.

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See the results you have been envisioning for your lawn with our quality services.

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All there is left to do is enjoying your dream lawn with you and your loved ones.


Fresh 365 Lawn Care is a professional, licensed, and fully insured lawn care and landscaping company dedicated to providing world-class quality of service, creating a trusting relationship with clients, and bringing value to homes and properties.


Our Get a Quote button provides quick access to our team. Begin the journey of having a responsive, engaging, and trustworthy team work on your property.


Not only do we provide a full complement of services, we also designed annual programs that can be personalized for your lawn.


Lawn's don't come with a manual. Our technicians are trained and dedicated to providing you with an outdoor space you will love.

Customer Service

Customer First. Quality Always. Our team values your lawn's well being as well as creating an engaging trustworthy relationship with our clients.

Choose Quality.

Request an appointment or call today to see how we can help transform your lawn from simple to exceptional!

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