Lawn Maintenance

Keep your lawn properly maintained.

Proper lawn maintenance is needed in order to have healthy turf.

We offer two mowing rates.

  • Our weekly service rate provides mowing every week for those lawns that have fast growing grass.
  • Our biweekly service rate provides mowing every other week.

Lawn Maintenance

Our mowing services are crucial for proper maintenance and your lawn’s health. Our mowing services include the following:

  • Mowing: Our technicians know the appropriate mowing heights and how to give your lawn those consecutive straight lines.
  • Edging: Edging is done around driveways, sidewalks, trees, and landscapes to make your lawn look sharp.
  • Blowing: Our technicians make sure to keep all your lawn’s hard surfaces clean. Hard surfaces include driveways, sidewalks, stairs, porches, and more.
  • Flowerbeds: Our technicians know that your flowerbeds need to be well kept and free of weeds.

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Technician mowing lawn.
Lawn Maintenance - Mowing
Lawn Maintenance - Edging
Lawn Maintenance - Blowing
We had someone just cutting our grass for the last couple of years but was not good on follow through and our yard was still covered in crabgrass. We called Hector and his crew and got an immediate response. He came out to look around and gave us a fast estimate along with very thorough information and a long term plan. These guys have only been working on our yard for a little over a month and it already looks SO much better! Hector is knowledgeable, prompt, actually knows what he’s talking about, and pricing is extremely competitive! He is great about communicating when they’re behind due to weather but have never failed to show up as soon as possible. We have been very happy that we switched to Fresh 365!
L. M.
Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Maintenance


You should consider our Lawn Maintenance Program!

Our Lawn Maintenance Program is our highly recommend program, especially when interested in our Lawn Maintenance services.

Get a comprehensive quote session and see what services your lawn needs to include in your program.

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