Leaf Removal

Falling color changing leaves are breathtaking.


A layer of leaves can smother your lawn.

Our technicians are ready to help you with the burden of fallen leaves. 

Read what our Leaf Removal Services and Program entails to have a clear idea of how we can help maintain your lawn.

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Our technicians will make sure the fallen leaves are blown off your lawn to let your grass breathe.

Hauling Away

If you would rather not look at a pile of leaves, our technicians can haul the leaves away.


If you have a dedicated area for fallen leaves -the woods or a curbside- our technicians will make sure the fallen leaves are relocated there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate your feedback; however, our schedule is optimized depending on weekly and biweekly leaf removal rates and to minimize travel time.

We have a systemic process to go through with potential clients. Providing a quote, setting an appointment, and finalizing plans are parts of that process.

We unfortunately, can not provide same day request services due to our process and our set optimized schedule.

Like mowing we don’t provide leaf removal service after rainy weather. We will notify you if a leaf removal service is postponed. In rare cases, we may skip a leaf removal service until the next leaf removal service.

We ask that you allow our technicians access to the soon to be serviced areas. This includes unlocking gates and keeping pets and family inside.

If you are home, that’s great! Our technicians love to see your smiling face and chat with you about your lawn.

Hauling away leaves is considered as part of our Leaf Removal Program. Whether you choose to have our technicians relocate or haul away leaves, both options are considered in our Leaf Removal Program.