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Lawn Care Treatment Program

Specifically designed to help your lawn Grow Bloom Blossom Flourish Thrive .

Our Lawn Care Program is a specifically designed to help your lawn thrive. No lawn is identical, that being the case, we also offer other additional treatments that will give your lawn that extra boost it needs.

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Lawn Care Treatment Program

Our Lawn Care Treatment Program is a year long program that ensures your lawn’s thriveability throughout the year.

Our Lawn Care Treatment Program consists of a select number of treatments and Aeration + Overseeding to help your lawn’s health throughout the year.

Winter Treatments

Winter Fertilizer

Replenishing your lawn during the winter means it can withstand the cold winter and get ready to grow fuller, stronger, and healthier for the spring.


Low pH levels are great conditions for moss and weeds to grow in your lawn. Limestone helps restore the pH balance in your soil. ​


Pre-Emergent is applied to create a barrier to help prevent Crabgrass -a warm seasoned weed- and other weeds from germinating early.

Spring Treatments

Crabgrass Preventer

This treatment strengthens the Pre-Emergent Application, helps prevent Crabgrass seeds from growing, and gets your lawn ready for spring.

Broadleaf Spray

Weeds are persistent and competitive undesirable plants in your lawn. Broadleaf spray helps control weeds that have already sprouted.

Summer Treatments

White Grub Preventer

White Grub Preventer helps prevent insects from laying eggs that can become larvae that eat away at grass roots. 

Fungicide Preventer

Fungicide Preventer helps protect your lawn from fungal diseases. Humid environmental conditions help flare up harmful fungal diseases. Multiple applications and much time are needed to cure fungal disease.​

Summer Fertilizer

The heat of summer and foot traffic is a lot for your lawn. Summer Fertilizer strengthens your lawn to withstand the heat and enhance its rooting system.

Fall Treatment

Turf Fall Cleanup

Turf Fall Cleanup prepares your lawn for the plugging season. Getting rid of all the weeds makes way for the new seedlings during overseeding.


Our Lawn Care Treatment Program wouldn’t be complete without plugging! Grass roots need air, water, and nutrients to grow into the strong turf you dream of. 

Read about our process and what our Plugging services entail.

Plugging / Aeration

Our technicians are ready to loosen the compact soil on your lawn. Loosening the soil opens the surface area for the overseeding process.


Overseeding places new seeds in the loosened soil surface areas to begin germination.


Fertilizer is applied to replenish the existing grass. It will also help the new seedlings get the nutrients it needs to grow thick and strong.

Limestone Application

We make the the conditions are ideal for the new seedlings. This includes having the right pH.

Bare spot Treatment

Our technicians will return to make sure the bare spots on your lawn don’t stay bare.

Need an extra treatment?

No lawn is identical. That being said, sometimes your lawn might need an extra boost to be able to thrive throughout the year. In addition to our Program, we offer additional treatments to give your lawn that extra support it needs.

White Grub Curative

White Grubs are among the most destructive insect pests. White Grubs are able to feed below the soil surface, are capable of eliminating the entire root systems of plants, and can destroy large areas of turf. Multiple curative treatments may be need to get rid of these pests.

Fungicide Curative

There are different fungicide diseases that can affect your lawn. The most common diseases include decay, brown patches, dollar spot, leaf spot, and powdery mildew. Multiple curative treatments may be needed to defeat fungal infections. 

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