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Plugging / Aeration

Plugging helps maintain your lawn’s long-term health vigor vibrancy .

Your lawn, like humans, loves to breathe. Early fall is the ideal time for plugging. The next best option is plugging in early spring. 


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Grass roots need air, water, and nutrients to grow into the strong turf you dream of. Get ready to notice the difference in lawn density and strength after proper plugging and overseeding.

Read about our process and what our Plugging services entail.

Plugging / Aeration

Our technicians are ready to loosen the compact soil on your lawn. Loosening the soil opens the surface area for the overseeding process.


Overseeding places new seeds in the loosened soil surface areas to begin germination.


Fertilizer is applied to replenish the existing grass. It will also help the new seedlings get the nutrients it needs to grow thick and strong.

Limestone Application

We make the the conditions are ideal for the new seedlings. This includes having the right pH.

Bare spot Treatment

Our technicians will return to make sure the bare spots on your lawn don’t stay bare.

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Plugging / Aeration
Plugging / Aeration
Plugging / Aeration
I contacted Hector 3 months ago. He is in the process of giving me a beautiful lawn. Thus far his company has plugged, seeded, fertilized, applied limestone, removed leaves, cleaned gutters etc. I was very impressed the first time I met him and he never disappoints me. He and his team are professional, proactive, timely, hard working and so cordial. I highly recommend them.
D. B.
Before & After Plugging / Aeration
Before & After Plugging / Aeration
Before & After Plugging / Aeration
Before & After Plugging / Aeration


After your lawn is aerated, we highly recommend maintaining those favorable results with our Lawn Care Program.

Our Lawn Renovation Service isn’t taken lightly and after time, energy, and effort we want to make sure your lawn stays beautiful. 

Keep your vision alive and well maintained with our Lawn Care Program. Learn more about our Lawn Care Program and the details of our treatments.

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